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The Love in TransitionSM series depends on shedding light on some of the unconscious background of the Earth events. Backstage details, formerly called "esoteric," or private, subjective Also sometimes called the "arcane," at times the "eccentric." Or things that just "fell through the cracks," and apparently disappeared out of history. Or threads that tied into nothing. Sometimes whole sides of the human being, waiting for the "spirit of another time." Sometimes deleted from the visible biography, as not matching, then, the "spirit of the time." I personally witnessed some of the contemporary inclusions.


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Site Index:

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1. Book orders or Information about the Images (photography and computer) - "Contact" page

2. Anatole Broyard - "Archives / Collectibles." Includes original photo.

3. Exceptional Human Experience & Consciousness Research - "Archives / Accidental Encounter" or "News / Catalytic Excerpts / Dick Richardson." Consciousness research interspersed throughout, being one of the basic elements in the book series.

4. Greenwich Village & New York City artists - "Book Matters" (diverse entries, including "Icon-ography"); related material in "Archives / Collectibles" and in "Archives / Arcania" (Hunter S. Thompson); and in "News / Coming Soon" (a New York City pioneer in digital art). Painter John (Jack) Wesley and author Hannah Green.

5. "Het Toreke" museum, "Life, Page One" project - "News / Coming Soon" or "News / Illustrations."

6. Hindu teaching & Eastern Guru-psi, or siddhis - "Inspirationals" section, with texts in "Dhyanyogi," "Muktananda," "Anandi Ma" and "Lama Sing / Al Miner"

7. Olof Jonsson - "News / Catalytic Essays / Norm Don"; including high-speed internet of archived lab video, not available at present anywhere else for viewing.

8. Milton Klonsky - "Book Matters / Icon-ography" or "Having Tried To Write"; others. Includes rare Klonsky photos scanned from the originals.

9. Light Body & Energy Courses - "News / Courses."

10. Love in Transition SM - "Book Matters." About the books, criticisms, author's notes and quotations and "Buy Books." to Purchase books online

11. Mysticism - "News / Catalytic Essays / Dick Richardson"

12. Psychokinesis - "Images / PK Gallery"; or "News / Catalytic Essays / Norm Don" (on Olof Jonsson); or photo ("Archives / Accidental Encounter"); more on this last, coming soon; (related) letter from A. Koestler in "Book Matters / Eclectic."

13. J. B. Rhine - "Archives / Accidental Encounter" and internal links there. Also "News / Catalytic Essays / Norm Don" (Olof Jonsson). And letter item in "Book Matters / Eclectic." Being upgraded by addition of related content. Includes scan of original Rhine photo and letters, some copies of which are in the Perkins Library archives.

14. Romanian Literary Scene, Publisher's Page, Poetry: "Book Matters / Documents / World Poetry" (original English poems by Mircea Ivanescu); entries in "Acknowledgments."; Publisher's Page.

15. Sky photography/Photo-PaintingSM- "Images" or "Images / Sun Cinema" (high speed internet only for "Sun Cinema sound"); interspersed throughout.

16. Space EncountersSM - "Book Matters / Quotations / In Progress." Watch for more excerpts from Volumes I and II and the newly published third volume, Inserting Consciousness into Collision(s), 2003. The first two volumes, Space Encounters: Chunking Down the 21st Century, were published in 2002 in Romania, in English.

17. Hunter S. Thompson, a first-hand account of a bonefied, true anecdote from the period of publishing his first book. Archives / Arcania

These are some archives put into the site already. Many more exist, which require scanning and documentation. They will be posted as time allows, based on letters (with permission) from high-profile figures in the past, and on up-to-the-minute contemporary essays, to which this site lends space for re-publication or first-time publication. Please keep periodically checking, if interested, to see what has been expanded. Or write directly to the site. Some expansions will probably include the work of Rhea A. White, founder and Director, Exceptional Human Experience Network; the legacy of Dr. J. B. Rhine; the "letter" history of Hunter S. Thompson; Hindu in-depth insights for the world today, representing Eastern consciousness, its knowledge of the world as energy; science breakthroughs, parapsychology and psychology breakthroughs, as documented initially in News essays (to be added to). There will be a forum for screened material which is highly contributive to an understanding of the world as it actually exists, and not as our preconceptions have taught us to believe. I.e., there will be an emphasis on freeing up the mind, to think as it truly is able to. This should be with the purpose of assisting the planetary consciousness as it strives to bring the inhabitants more in alignment with a whole-planet world view—based on the actual knowledge and teachings found here historically, and also looking to inter-galactic thinking, which is likely to predominate in the centuries and millennia to come. Such thinking, of course, is already being introduced at this time, and has existed, in isolated pockets in the past. This site inspires to be one of the early visionary locations where such research and inspired knowledge can be made public.

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