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Dick Richardson


Life is a private and eternal secret and wonder between each individual and the all. Does not the way of your own consciousness make one realise that we are each alone with the all? No being can share their consciousness with another being. You and I communicate merely by way of words; but reality communicates with you by way of pictures (the world and the universe - and more) by smell, taste, touch and sound. And these are only the outward facing antenna; mere periscopes above the waves of time and space. Trust your own inner facing antenna, for that is directly connected to the ground of all being; all things, the life force itself, and truth. An acorn does not have to read a book to become an oak tree; and the book of life is within you, you are it, both in essence and in form; now and always.

Human conversation is good, profound and miraculous, but it is only a cosmological tool for operation in this level of reality. Conversation can talk of many things; some of which are true and some not. But reality itself cannot lie, nor can it have accidents. Human dialogue can talk of the truth of things, but it cannot reveal them. No more so than talking of your last meal can fill the belly of another and make them grow. We each have to eat the food of life alone, and digest it alone. But words can point (symbolically) even though they cannot reveal - for only life itself can reveal.
Manmade symbolic constructs have much to answer for however; none more so than when they are wrong and way off the target of truth. For example… The term 'evil' was once an old archery term. It means an arrow falling short of the target. It became applied to neardeath experiences in esoteric circles aeons ago. Such events are ongoing and have been known since we lived in caves - by any other name. Now, a neardeath experience, by definition, falls short of the target. It does not go all way to the realm of the eternal and uncontradictable ground of all being - and which many have known. And albeit that the deepest of such events truly come close to it - but not quite. They fall short of the mark - the true end of the inner journey back to from whence we came and have our origin - home.

All things brought forth into form, in temporal extended reality, eventually fall back to from whence they came; no matter whether it be the consciousness of mind or a leaf on a tree. They go back down through the levels of inner creation by the same route that they came bubbling up to the surface and cutting edge of creation; which we call 'today'. This world perception will pass away; and the one beyond it will pass away; but the one beyond that will never pass away; for it does not exist in time or extended reality. It is the very point of no extension and no duration - and you are that first emanation brought forth therein - the child of creation itself; the first progeny of being. Cosmic Cognition.

Fools and blind idiots not only talk of the first cause, but they would like you to believe that they know what it is, what it wants, what it demands. I tell you in all truth that they lie through their teeth. The first cause of all existence demands nothing, asks nothing, needs nothing. Moreover, it can never be known; it can only be known of by implication and effect.

If it could talk, which it cannot for it does not even 'exist in creation', then it would say this to you - as even your first original primordial self would if it could talk (which it too cannot)…. "If you would know of me, then first know your self; for your self is the first emanation, living reflection, essence and spirit of my being - you are that. Those who have not known their self have known nothing as yet. But those who have come to know their self have simultaneously come into the knowledge of the deepest depths of the all. Only when you know your self can you know of what I am in essence" ! And thus it would be if it could talk.

Man is not born in sin; the mind and consciousness is a divine and eternal wonder; the knower of the known; the lover of the loved; the wisdom of the wise and eternal cognition. We are born in ignorance not sin. And it has to be that way for true love and true commitment to life, is unconditional. Unconditional that is of anything except the passion of being - the love of being; of being a part of creation itself. Wherein is the virtue and dignity of man which only operated in a love based upon knowing and understanding? No, none at all, none at all. The beauty and dignity of man, in form, as it is in essence - is the unconditional acts of love and passion whilst not knowing. What virtue in giving bread to another of you know that bread is going to be returned? None. But to give in love, and for no other reason other than your sincere love of being - is greater than anything in existence. No ultimate power of creation could do more than a mere child in a playground who gives of themselves - for no reason other than the love of to be; to exist, to be extant. Creation itself cannot do more; and that is what creation in fact is. . . . .

It is not for me to give advice to anyone; for I am no wiser than their own self; but all I would say to them, for their own well being and the future wellbeing of this sad old world - would be to say pick up your bed and walk from the diatribe of priestcraft and mad man-made religions. Let no man or woman teach you as to what truth is - for life itself can do the job perfectly well; and it does. And that is what it is for.

Aim the sights of your bow a little higher and thence the arrows of passion will not fall into the mire short of the target; they will hit home; and we will arrive, on earth; as it is in essence. Feel, with the deepest inner depths, for that which is there within your deepest inner depths, and one day it will reveal itself to the top-side consciousness of your mind. In the meantime then sell your mind to no man, no club, no organisation; for you are a free agent of creation, and creation exists for you. I would add that there is no virtue or value in beliefs; the virtue is in doing your best whilst without them, and without knowing such truth.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Experience is the food of life
which ever onward flows;
understanding is digestion,
and wisdom that which grows.

But what is it that dwells beneath
the appearance of the day,
and integrates our freedom
with the deeper Cosmic way ?

And in what realm, (beyond the form),
from which place all things flow,
will temporal mind return to seed,
and say... "Ah yes, I know"! ?

That realm, it is a mystery,
the deepest mystery known,
and on returning then we know
it is our natural home.

Thus Man is made a meeting ground
of dimensions deep and wide,
and brought forth by cosmic passion
which naught can subdivide

The mystic centre is the root
from which then all things flow;
and in that deepest dwelling place
we learn - Ah yes, I know.

*       *       *


I told it at the outset,
and I'll say it one more time,
that the power is within you
to make this world divine.

Seek not the grail beyond you
for the magic is inside;
the deepest root within you,
loves eternal cosmic bride.

The marriage is outside of time;
before the stars did shine;
before time tore asunder
the repose of the divine.

Wait not then for Paradise,
and all glory yet to come,
for it's even now within you
and the first thing ever done.

Do not believe the truth of this
but seek it for yourself;
for life on Earth is far too short
to miss such Divine wealth.

And so, when times are cold and hard,
and the winters chill is rife,
gather the Babes around the hearth,
and speak to them ... of LIFE.

Fire the flame within them,
as the coals do warm the hand,
and tell them of from whence they came,
the Divine Eternal Land.

*       *       *


The Fulfilment of Incarnate Being.

(Paradise on Earth - or the Reciprocal Convergence)

How many coats of consciousness
must yield before the dawn
where man can live incarnate
without such pain to mourn.

What scalpel could be honed so sharp
to heal the wounds therein;
or does the knowledge of one's self
eradicate the sin.

What lies before the thought of things
which manifests the day;
the realm of infinite duration,
where there is no price to pay.

What road transcends the temporal things
of form and shape and size,
where knowledge of the ground of self
illuminates the prize.

Where feeling is not touching
and knowing is not thought,
yet overcoming paradox
is a lesson to be taught.

Where metaphysics hangs its coat
and mystics dwell in awe
the singer may be sighted,
but the song goes on yet more.


part two

The inward journey trod and done
will yield the truth, but not the sum.
From whence we come we must return,
knowing not how, but with will to learn.

When Cosmos in the Atom dwells,
and the seer is that seen,
still yet our senses manifest
illusions of the dream.

But slowly moves the dawning
of illusions bubble burst,
when first we take a faltering step
with philosophic thirst.

What substance hath a shadow,
the minds virus of great might,
wherein the death of living truth
is but the lack of light.

Self righteous halls of intellect
whose substance is but I,
like the sound of one hand clapping
knows not that which is nigh.

Like jewels cast out upon the tide
that sink with marching time,
it is not an act of nature
which perpetrates the crime.


part three

The idea which creates the 'self'
and enshrines its love therein;
is the first sour fruit of freedom;
for the idol is the sin.

Stand not in awe, nor bow, nor scrape,
to creation by your hand;
for can it ever match the truth
within a grain of sand ?

The symphony of man's delight
is but a passing tune,
now waxing, and then waning,
like seasons of the Moon.

What magnitude of counterpoint
beholds the greater me,
when casting back its freedom
like winds across the sea.

The greatest love a man beholds,
like the tiddler on a line;
must yet, by self, be cast back to
a freedom, beyond time.

Where all is one, and one is all,
is a mere lesson for a boy;
while MAN is now the affirmation
of a vast eternal joy.


part four

Of what, and when, and how, and why,
the knowing will come clear
if time you make with quiet mind,
and communicative ear.

What then comes amid the calm,
whatever be its name,
the wing like voice of insight pleads,
"Go forth, and do the same !"

How provest thou of what is known,
in rhyme, or verse, or prose,
where awareness was the essence,
before the thought arose?!

Where nothing was excluded;
though only briefly dwelt,
the mono-pole existence
wherein no pain was felt.

But if the mind denies itself
and turns its face away,
then the glory that is man's by right,
won't see the light of day.

So how can man discover,
that which, by truth, is best ?
Unleash the ties of ego's grasp;
Meta-Aesthesis, Consummatum Est.

*       *       *

When contemplating on the nature of the truth of reality one must keep in mind four Foundations of Premise. My own were as follows; and they still seem to hold good many years later. The first three are self-evident to all; the last premise is known by a growing minority as yet. And evolution marches on.

(1) The Existential

(2) The Extant Phenomenal

(3) The Integrative

(4) The Mystical

1 … An observer cannot know objectivity independent of observation. Thus, from the reference point of the Existential, reality is as real as experience makes it.

2 … There has to exist extant phenomena for a subject to observe; otherwise it would not be an observer; and irrespective of the absolute nature of the observed.

3 … A subject is not independent of creation and is therefore a part of it. In the act of observing, a subject is an integrative part of what it is observing, i.e., creation observing creation.

4 … If one would come to ascertain the objective then it is a prerequisite to know the limitations of the observer: for only in knowing what we are can we then know as to what is objective. Likewise, if we would come to know our self then so too must it be known as to what is not our self.

Theories based upon wishful thinking are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Well, even less so really, for one could at least eat the chocolate teapot. Useful theories, however, have to be based upon something which is already known to exist; hence some knowledge has to exist before one can speculate further beyond the existing knowledge. But knowledge, wonderful though it is, does not equate with understanding it. Knowledge is merely data, information. The end goal being is to understand that knowledge and then put it to good productive use in life.

A head full of mere data without one grain of understanding, and thence a practical use for it, is tantamount to garbage in the mind. Hence it is far better to know and understand just one thing, and to use it well; than to know everything yet not understand any of it and have no use for it. Many people have called me many things, but in all truth I am nothing more than a rank pragmatist. However, even theories are ten a penny until proved to be the case. And life itself does the only real proving - not oscilloscopes and telescopes. When did a telescope ever find love and good will - or paradise :- )) Oh, yeah yeah eh ! Fools look in the wrong place for the wrong things: the wise simply sit still and wait for things to come - which they do.

Hence, one does not really need to point out that intelligence is not (as many like to believe) having a head full of data and facts (like quiz-show fanatics) but rather what is done with the little bit of knowledge and understanding that one has.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The plant takes what it needs of the water and leaves the rest. In so doing, it is flowering profusely. I wish that the intelligence of Man could do what an unconscious plant can do. And then one day, perhaps, Man too would flower, and become in form as it is in essence. But Man is a greedy sod alas; and as blind as a bucket of dry sand. Perhaps it will become fertile ground if they weep into long enough. If they do not arrive by laughter and intelligence then they will arrive by tears. But arrive they will; one way or the other.


*       *       *

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