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Dick Richardson

A Self-Introduction.

I encountered my first and possibly major catalytic and life-enhancing experience at the age of twenty-four, whilst sitting alone one evening simply listening to some music whilst baby sitting my now two eldest children. That was forty years ago from the time of writing; and an event which lasted for three hours.

Prior to that I had no idea that such events could ever happen, and I would have probably smiled or grimaced if anyone had even mentioned such things to me. But none had and I had read nothing about such events whatsoever. I was as practical and pragmatically down to earth as one could ever get—and still am in all other ways; a rank pragmatist—if something works do not mend it, and make good use of it, kind of person.

I would imagine that being born into the industrial area of North London just before the second world war; being bombed out right at the beginning of the blitz and losing everything except what we stood up in; and thence growing up in that kind of environment with no education to speak of, makes one very street-wise very soon, and a no-nonsense type of personality.  However and in parallel with that, and somewhat contrary to it, there was another aspect which one could not quite put ones finger on; leastwise not at the time anyway—but it makes a lot of sense from hindsight however.

As well as enjoying the rough and tumble of street kids and the company thereof, I also used to love time-outs alone; just to watch the world in awe; and a sense of excitement and exhilaration for simply ‘BEING’, to exist and experience all this, and be a part of it all. I could stand and watch the rain dropping into puddles for hours, and just think, and wonder about things; and ask myself questions that adults had no interest in.

Anyway, young life keeps one so busy for years, and as one gets a little older some of the magic somehow takes a back seat and we have to earn a living and contend with all the chores of the day.  Having had five children and one foster child, I know well enough how busy life can get. However, and as I say, one evening whilst sitting alone, the most amazing thing occurred, and my mind was transported to another completely different level of reality; beyond space, time and memory of ever having had existed on earth.

It turned out that this event, although one of the two most profound in my own life, began a series of strange experiences which occurred over a twenty-year period, and culminated in another huge event almost twenty years from the day of the first one. I came to refer to these events as Mystical Experiences and Psychic Experiences, and both of which from hindsight are seen to be very different types of experience, and seemingly generated from two different parts of our own system or structure of inner dynamics which connect us to all things at their root and ground of being.

I kept a record of these events, simply for myself in case I ever came to forget about them; and not realising that one can never forget a moment of any of them no matter how long we live here. However, when these events ended I was somehow motivated to write verses about them and about what they taught me and revealed. 

This was not really a matter of choice or intention; but rather somehow as though they were forced up out of the system itself. I never ever intended to mention anything of these events to anybody, ever; and for obvious reasons. However, one day the poems escaped from the drawer, by way of a friend finding them and insisting that he wanted to copy them all out for himself (99 of them in total). He, however, and unbeknown to me at the time, shared them with many folk. And that was the end of privacy and peace and quiet.

For the remainder of my time from that day onward I have been inundated with questions, discussions and various meetings with people worldwide, who wanted to talk of such events. It was virtually demanded of me to write about these things in simple prose; and even by someone who became a friend who was probably the top scientists of his day and had won a Nobel Prize in Theoretical Physics for uniting two of the four fundamental forces of the physical universe. From Bishops to housewives, scientists to artists, drug addicts to spiritual contemplatives from all over the earth. The moral being if one writes verses is to keep the drawer locked.

We cannot scientifically prove anything of these kinds of experiences and the effects which they have, and what they teach us, and what they do to us, and the beauty and wonder of them; for they are inner experiences; but we can collect such reports from people who do undergo these events and thence build archives, databases, for the record. For people should truly not be alone with these life-enhancing experiences, as I was for twenty years or more. Such events as religions were originally founded upon, and philosophy was given its kick-start by. Humankind has undergone these events ever since we first existed on earth; and it certainly seems to me that with advancing evolutionary steps then more and more people are undergoing these events. 

I try to imagine a world where everyone therein undergoes these things in the prime of their life, and wonder as to what sort of world and society would then exist on earth.  And I guess dreams are not just for dreaming about. And one often wonders as to whether the seed of the implicate order of all things truly will become on earth, in form, as it is in essence. The implication of all these things, and their teaching, is that it will, in due course, and all in good time. And the outer will become as the inner, and the above as below in the ground of all being. And I guess after all that that IS quite practical and pragmatic of creation, and hence a thing after my own heart after all to be sure.  Farewell.


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