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Shri Dhyanyogi

A Brief Glimpse at Guru-Psi,

from Love in Transition,Vol. IV, p. 386



           From the High Yogi Point of View, based on the life of the Kundalini Maha Yoga Guru, Sri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji, who "left the body," in India, on the morning of the celebration of the birthdate of the Hindu god Krishna—at 117 years old in the summer of 1994:


Dhyanyogi-ji was known to be a devotee of Lord Hanuman. See Hanumaniji. According to Hindu teachings, "When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Rama on earth, Lord Shiva took the form of Lord Hanuman as a monkey to serve his master. In Indian spiritual history, there never has been, and never will be, a devotee so complete and profound as Lord Hanuman."[1] Below is the excerpt From the High Yogi Point of View:

           In October 1978 in Sacramento the yogi Dhyanyogi [Guruji] was sitting in a workshop, in which a medical doctor had recorded blood-pressure and temperature changes during mantra chanting." After finishing the experiment, Guruji wanted to play with the doctor who was taking the temperature and blood pressures, Alan Lee, M.D., so he began to increase and decrease his blood pressure by his yogic powers[2](p. 81).

            After a few tests registered widely different readings, "Guruji asked the doctor what he should do and what advice he could give due to the vastly changing blood pressure. The doctor was embarrassed and said that he could give no advice because he had never seen blood pressure change so radically in such a short period of time. Guruji asked the doctor what was real. Were the tests real, or was the doctor real or was Guruji real? Everyone laughed and the doctor realized Guruji had been playing a game with him" (p. 82)

            The doctor was at the workshop to record the shifts in blood pressure and temperature of meditators, as a result of Guruji's chanting what is called the Bija Mantra: "a series of sounds corresponding to the letters inscribed on the various petals of each chakra?" (p. 73).

            In some ways "before" his time, though working in ancient techniques and traditions, Sri Guruji Dhyanyogi was interested in furthering tests in science of yogi techniques and participated in some test—such as the above. But he ultimately returned to India, not continuing the experimentation. One notes that the current investigation facilitates such interconnecting research as the ancient experiments in sound and the modern interest in sound. This is only at its threshold of being explored in the West now. However, not continuing the scientific tests "in the body," Dhyanyogi did, out of the body, discarnate as incarnate, align with events that continue to unfold and which he is often clearly associated with. More on this later. As it has to do with Guru-psi. Some of the effect of that was witnessed in an illustration by this author, bearing upon the conjunctions of a movie scene from the future with a plane crash that was halted in mid-start (only a wing fire) and a dream announcement that a test had been set up (given by Jyoti) . The test bearing upon what the movie scene glimpsed inside a dream in the present would unfold when the whole movie accidentally seen in the future was thereafter seen in the present. And how Guru-psi works in time. As does Quantum Mechanics. However, that on the particle level. While this is the "macro"-. Or large-scale, as opposed to the ultra-minute. But what do the two have in common?


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Review of This House is on Fire

"This House is on Fire is a new spiritual classic. A small boy runs off to the Himalayas to become enlightened and a young girl astonishes her family by entering mystical states of consciousness. These are the true stories of Dhyanyogi and Anandi Ma. They are not legendary figures from centuries ago, but saints of our own time whose extraordinary lives are chronicled by eye witnesses. Every page of this book is a treasure."

--Linda Johnsen, M.S., author of Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hinduism


On Kundalini— and the Sun 

From Shakti: An Introduction to Kundalini Maha Yoga


            The purpose of this introduction is to acquaint you with the Shakti, or Kundalini, and the related form of yoga known as Kundalini Maha Yoga.

            The principle on which it is based is very simple. In every human being there is a source of divine energy, called Kundalini, in Sanskrit. It exists within the individual in two states, one dormant and one awakened and active. When it is dormant, a person leads an unhappy, unfulfilled life. The understanding of the universe is restricted and everything is perceived and interpreted according to a limited capacity. When the Kundalini is aroused and active, a person makes rapid progress on the path of spiritual evolution. The full potential of body and mind are realized, inner peace, harmony and integration are attained, and ultimately the sublime truth of unity in diversity is experienced—the fact that all life is one seamless fabric.

            The purpose of this yoga is to awaken the Kundalini if it is dormant and to intensify its activity if it has been aroused. Thus, Kundalini Maha Yoga is a direct method of spiritual evolution, and as such its importance is obvious. There are also side benefits, such as the spontaneous healing of many diseases of body and mind.

            “A powerful yogi can awaken the Kundalini by a transfer of his energy to the student; this acts as the initial impetus. The process is called Shaktipat (Shakti meaning “power” or “energy” in Sanskrit, and pata meaning “transfer.”) . . .

            “First, let us look at the role Kundalini Maha Yoga can play in solving the problems of the world. As we all know, during the past several decades scientific development has taken place at a staggering rate. It is both a joy and a surprise to watch science progress. However, since the storehouse of nature is limitless, the more we know, the more remains to be known. . . .

             . . . But a strong body and mind are not sufficient. . . .

            A basic cause of [world ] problems [the buildup of nuclear weapons, hate. etc.] is that the general level of consciousness [mass consciousness] and other spiritual qualities has not evolved to the same extent that the material side of civilization has. We are in a state of unbalanced development, lacking on the spiritual side. Therefore, to attain what is missing—peace, harmony and unity with all beings—it is necessary to realize that the entire universe is the creation of God, that all life is one and that we are one. This realization is spiritual realization, not the merely intellectual comprehension of an ideal. Spiritual evolution alone is the solution to the problem facing us. Kundalini Maha Yoga is a way to spiritual evolution and therefore a significant tool for the development of mankind on the spiritual plane. It is a path to peace, prosperity, unity and love. . . .  [emphasis added]

            I have come for the dissemination of spiritual knowledge. It is my hope that this book will aid this purpose. . . . My message is straightforward. I invite you all to come, sit, meditate, experience and judge for yourselves. May God bless you all.


                                                            February 1979

                                                            Los Angeles, California

                                                            Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusandandasji (pp. 19-21)




            Yogis say that there are many similarities between the human body and the entire universe, the microcosm and the macrocosm. The Upanishads say that in the region of the heart is a hollow space the size of the tip of the thumb that contains all things. All elements, all things, regardless of whether they are present or absent in the immediate external environment, are present in this microcosmic universe in the heart.

            There are 101 types of nadis, the channels though which prana [energy] flows in the subtle body. One called Hita is of particular significance here, for just as a road connects two towns, this nadi is connected to the Sun and energy is collected from the Sun through it. By concentrating on this nadi, one can achieve various kinds of powers, like seeing things happening very far away, having the ability to do healing, having visions of gods, saints or previous incarnations.

            In this world, on both the subtle and the physical level, although the atoms and molecules are in constant motion through their mutual attraction and repulsion, many of the laws of their behavior are unknown. . . .  (p. 23).




Shri Dhyanhyogi Madhusudandasji (revised 2nd edition 2000). Shakti: An Introduction to Kundalini Maha Yoga. (Introduction to revised edition: Shri Anandi Ma). Antioch, CA: Dhyanyoga Centers, Inc.


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[1] See the March 2000 issue of Shakti, put out by the Dhyanyoga Centers, whose website is The website is set up for the followers of Shri Anandi Ma and students of Shri Dileepji. Om Gurudevaya Namah. The photograph above comes from this newsletter.

[2] From Dhyanyogi, Brahmanada: Sound, Mantra and Power (1979). Santa Cruz, CA: Dhyanyoga Centers. Or Shakti: Hidden Treasure of Power, Vol. I (1979). Pasadena, CA: Dhyanyoga Centers.


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