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When Arthur Koestler came to Duke University, to visit Dr. J. B. Rhine, full of enthusiasm for his work, he found, to his astonishment, that they were not well informed about this famous coiner of the word "parapsychology" on their campus, nor about the importance of and research into the psychic nature of man, as part of the human condition--fostered successfully by Rhine. In the resulting London newspaper publication, he soundly scolded the campus for its lack of informed interest. In due course, this site will update information about the Rhine campus of the sixties and more historical factual material from that time. The letter included above is also available in the J.B. Rhine files at Perkins Library, Duke University.
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J. B. Rhine and Louisa Rhine J. B. Rhine and Louisa Weckesser were teenage friends and married in 1920. They both earned Ph.D.s in botany and began promising carreers in the field. However, a lecture in Chicago then changed their lives forever. This...

2. Rhine's Classic ESP Experiment


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