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Virginia Parrot Williams, Ph.D.
Author of Surrealism, Quantum Philosophy, and World War I
Co-Author of Anger Kills and Life-Skills

For seventeen years a marvelous US editor of this series. Currently president of the corporation Life Skills

Didi-Ionel Censur, Ph.D.
Publisher Hermann Press and Saeculum University Press
Sibiu Romania
Publisher of the Love in Transition series.



Gregory Gardener and Kevin Hannant, Wackovia Bank financial sponsorship.

Rhea A. White, Exceptional Human Experience Network Director, who suggested and edited some of the essays for this series, in the US.

Ion Mircea, Romanan poet—also dramatist and publisher of the cultural journal Transilvania—winner of the Writers' Union Medaille d'Or, or Life Achivement award. He first published part of this series in Romania and supervised the publication of Vol. III.


Mircea Ivanescu, poet—winner of the Romanian Writers' Union Medaille d'Or, or Omnia Opera—who has written over 15 books of poetry and translated over 30 books, including James Joyce's Ulysses, most of Faulkner's fiction, Robert Musil's Man Without Qualities, T.S. Eliot's Waste Land, Pound's poetry, Kafka's Complete Works, as well as  from Nietzsche and other classics. He has acted as Romanian editor of this series


Geoff Smith, general dogsbody and prior webmaster

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