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About the Love in Transition Books, a note from the author

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      Investigating unconscious strands of connected "Event" bytes, or quanta, this series, put together as through the loom of Penelope, follows the voyage of the Earth itself, through passages of the past (put into modern light), to the docking point where some new principles, as well as reminders in biographies of the past, come together to point where it is we have moved to.

      Tracking principles through the ins and outs it requires, this latest offshoot of the Love in Transition series (Space Encounters: Chunking Down the 21st Century) goes giant steps ahead—positing yet more new connected threads and a theory or two. Slowly, till able to recount the steps—as in a detective story—this on-going pursuit of a theory of an undeveloped side of chaotic-unfolding is then breathtakingly laid down on the pages as one of the principles operating, till now, un-consciously, throughout the Earth. Inherited (it must be stressed), rather than discovered single-handedly or individually, it is reported, albeit tentatively, inside some mappings of the lives and ideas of famous figures, that reveal the workings of this insight.

      Margaret A. Harrell thinks of herself more like the custodian of the development of the unfolding ideas in this work; or, on the other hand, Montaigne said, in French: "I am coextensive with what I write."

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