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Images from Love In TransitionTM,
Volume I: Voyage of Ulysses: Letters to Penelope


Postcard from Delphi, Greece which lent to the origin of the book title




Postcard front shows Ulysses (Odysseus) escaping Polyphemus by riding underneath a ram.

Postcard back, a note from Ulysses to Penelope


About the images and the origin of the book title...


     As ancient stories (for example, told in the Iliad and by Theocritus) inform us: Polyphemus was a Cyclops who imprisoned Ulysses (Odysseus) in a cave, with his men. To escape, they had to find a way to get out, though at the same time, only the Cyclops was strong enough to remove the stone which he had blocked the entrance to his cave/home with. (They were imprisoned inside.) They performed the escape, part of the method being to tie themselves to the bottom of the Cyclops’ rams, so that when he felt for his prisoners, on the top of the rams, he did not discover their escape, as he did not look for them under the rams. Later, so the story goes, the Cyclops won his sight again and also was rehabilitated, as the son, in that version, of the Sea God Poseidon. So this origin of the title of the series came through the post card, sent from Ulysses and depicting this part of the ancient odyssey. The outer eye of the Cyclops was extinguished, during the escape. But what then, the post card asked, about the “Inner Eye”?


            In titling the series, I am greatly indebted to the post card from Ulysses, which was sent by the hand of Milton Klonsky. Another Milton Klonsky alias can be found on the Eclectic webpage (in particular, Mohan) and another can be tracked back in time, to the television program, one evening, where he played (straight) the actor Rip Torn, who at the same time played (that is, pretended that he was) Milton. No one told the TV audience different, supposing anyone did not recognize the change of identity.




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