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Margaret Harrell can be contacted via:


Address:     5048 Amber Clay Lane
                     Raleigh, NC 27612
                     919 782 9257



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NOTE: Beginning March 15, for free media review copies of Toward a Philosophy of Perception, contact Authorhouse. For book orders, purchase NOW through this site or (beginning in mid-March) by calling toll free 1-888-280-7715.


Where to find the Space Encounters Series of Books


Where to purchase Love in Transition Series of Books

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For enquiries, distributorships or purchases of our book line, contact us at this number: 919-782-9257. For direct book orders, see below.


In USA:       Margaret Harrell
                    Philosophy of Perception Website


 in Missouri:  Didi-Ionel Cenuser
                    More About Didi-Ionel Cenuser


Other Sales, Exhibits and Information:


For reproduction of the photography images in any form or for exhibits, please use the above contact information.


Rights of reprint will probably require purchase. Slides are available for exhibit consideration. Commissioned photographs are also purchasable, as well as very limited edition enlargements. Editions of the photography are never more than a handful, and each is individually reproduced, meaning that no two are ever exactly alike, due to the color processing. For study of the PK-galleries, consultation is available on an individual case basis. These images are copyrighted, and there are numerous more examples, some of which appear in the volumes of the two book series. They are unaltered, as they printed out from the computer, unprogrammed for the formatting they adopted. Some were earlier on file in a university in Europe.



email:            Jennifer Jabbusch,
snailmail:       PO Box 318, Siler City, NC 27344 - USA


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