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Criticisms of...

Toward a Philosophy of Perception-
The Magnitude of Human Potential: Cloud Optics



"I have had a number of nice surprises since becoming publisher of Many Hands - including getting to test recipes (see Reviews, 28 & 29), getting to meet the people behind Whole Health Expo (I hope to see you at the Expo in Northampton - see Page 3), exchanging e-mail with interesting writers like Margaret Harrell (there will be a review in the Summer edition of Many Hands)."

- From the Publisher of Many Hands, New England's Magazine for Holistic Health

"In this unique book, lavishly illustrated with 33 color cloud photographs, Margaret Harrell suggests a means to tap into the wellspring of collective worldwide consciousness."

- New Connexion: Journal of Conscious Evolution--an Editor's Pick

"There is no denying that Margaret Harrell has led an incredibly full and interesting life. New York 's Greenwich Village in its heyday, a long marriage to a Belgian poet, and an academic background that includes Duke University in Durham, NC and the C.G. Jung Institute in Switzerland, are just some of the highlights for this gifted author and teacher. Her latest book, Toward a Philosophy of Perception, is based upon a synopsis of her previous series, Love in Transition. Harrell's mission is to lead others to acceptance of their potential to add to the collective unconscious through their personal, transcendent experiences. Using cloud photographs as a meditative tool, Harrell maintains that access to the pinnacle of human potential is possible. "

- Innerchange Review by Kathryn Lanier

“Impressively enhanced with thirty-three full-color, coffeetable-sized cloud photographs, Toward A Philosophy Of Perception: The Magnitude Of Human Potential—Cloud Optics by academician and Eastern Studies advocate Margaret Harrell provides the reader with a thoughtful and thought-provoking text illustrating a powerful and extended journey into a higher consciousness. Toward A Philosophy Of Perception engagingly chronicles Harrell’s several decades of inspirational teachings and personal experiences, as well as her dedicated research into consciousness and life. Toward A Philosophy Of Perception articulates the position that everyone inherently holds all the tools they would need to reach a higher level of consciousness, and in doing so, become a source of love and light that can help shape a better future for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. An enthusiastically recommended reading experience, the photography, poetry, sciences, and Harrell’s own remarkable abilities to communicate with the reader, make Toward A Philosophy Of Perception a seminal work of wit, wisdom, and imagination.”

- Reviewer’s Choice, Midwest Book Review Small Press Bookwatch, June 2005.











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