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Space Encounters:

Chunking down the 21st Century


Introductory Critical Note
on Space Encounters - Volume II

“In Volume Seven of the Love in Transition series, Harrell travels beyond her previous odysseys. Perspective keeps ever shifting in juxtaposition from the scientific to the intuitive and back again. Highly recommended to those interested in glimpsing at a fascinating tomorrow, when boundaries between the conscious and unconscious have dissolved into multidimensional perceptions coming out of the whole.”

Virginia Parrott Williams, Ph. D. - Co-author, Anger Kills, and President and CEO, Williams Lifeskills, Inc.


About Space Encounters - Volume I

“Really interesting. Very unique.”

Bruce Wands - Author, Digital Creativity, and Chair of the MFA Computer Art Department, School of Visual Arts, New York City

“I received Harrell’s Space Encounters - Volume I today and spent some time with it, fascinated with what she was expressing. Her EHE autobiography in minuscule and with lots of openness... I was enchanted with the little insert re: palimpsest... Margaret Harrell has the most open-ended and far-reaching mind of anyone I know.”

Rhea A. White - Co-author, In the Zone: Transcendent
Experiences in Sport, Director, Exceptional Human Experience Network

On Space Encounters - Volume I
“I read Margaret Harrell’s book and it’s fascinating. It’s the kind of book you can go through again and again.”

Stanley Krippner, Ph. D. - Co-author, Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them, and a noted pioneer in consciousness research


From the Publisher’s Desk
on the first volume of Space Encounters
“For the tour de force it implied – pioneering, as far as I am concerned, some sort of very bold typographic decisions – this seems to be a great leap forward from Margaret Harrell’s previous books. Last night, or just the night before, I reread this volume entirely. Meaning I again substituted for the ‘ideal reader,’ god bless him, and tried to figure out more than I ever have before. And it worked. It thoroughly and convincingly ‘clicked.’ The stuff – debatable or not, for any nonsuperficial, committed reader – is in there!”

Didi-Ionel Cenuser, Ph.D. - Publisher and author, Shakespearean scholar







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