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Upcoming Coursework Calendar

  • Phone for dates of introductory and advanced options in "Awakening Your Light Body classes" or on-going graduate work in "Radiance: Self-Exciting" and “Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies.” Private instruction is also available. The typical course structure in this area is one monthly session, to learn the light body techniques as well as integrating, adding intensity and clarifying (purifying) the “channel” and energy—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

  • A unique feature is that all classes, private or group, receive individualized transmissions from the staff and founders at That is, every person in the course receives individual transmissions of energy just for their needs and higher good. You are surrounded with loving support while taking this course and joining the thousands of light workers building the gridwork of light around the planet.

  • Margaret A. Harrell also specializes in transmitting and accelerating energy. This results in shifts while in a “safe place.” If you want to leave behind old patterns and embrace new options and have greater presence here on Earth, call 919/782-9257.

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- Why Awaken the Light Body?

- Workshop Format

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Why Awaken the Light Body?


            “Many of you are in the process of making the evolutionary leap of awakening your light bodies, made possible in part by the waves of light that are coming to the earth plane. DaBen and Orin have created the light body course as a way for you to take this evolutionary step.


            “As your light body awakens, you draw to yourself opportunities to make a difference in the world as you grow more radiant with love and light. . . .


            “Awakening your light body . . . , [you] can experience mental clarity, illumination and a more open heart. You can choose how you want to feel and the thoughts you want to think. . . .


            “The energy bodies that power the light body are definite and real. You can feel and work with them, creating positive and lasting results as you do this. You can go higher, feel more balanced, stable, clearheaded, creative, and gain a new perspective on life” (Newsletter, p. LB7).


            Through learning to hold more light in these transformative times, you can help others and also yourself, to harmonize and seize the opportunities that are in the highest levels of flow. This means choosing opportunity instead of stress, and the chance to expand into your own potential and an atmosphere conducive to it; in a time of much insecurity, learn how to anchor into the security of the Divine Will. It is truly wondrous to watch what then unfolds.


See page: What is Light Body?




                 Margaret Harrell







Workshop Format

Awakening Your Light Body - Keys to Enlightenment

From the website: “This is one of the most powerful courses of spiritual growth and transformation that we offer. In DaBen and Orin's Awakening Your Light Body course, you will explore many expanded states of consciousness, link with your soul and the beings of light, and work with light and subtle energies to create the reality you want.”

Light Body courses, based on the material introduced and anchored into the gridwork by the DaBen/Orin Luminescence work worldwide, are offered in the Raleigh, NC and nearby area.

In Raleigh/Durham contact Margaret Harrell at 919-782-9257 or email

CALENDAR: DaBen/Orin-based “Awakening Your Light Body”
How To Become a Graduate, Receiving a Diploma from Duane and Sanaya

Session (one a month). Length: 6 months. Can be done more leisurely.
This daytime or evening class provides safe, exhilarating movement into higher states of consciousness while integrating the work into the personality. Six boxes of tapes (plus workbooks) were created by LuminEssence for practice at home. They cover the vibrational energy bodies and then the light body centers, providing a strong foundation of harmony, from which the light body can be accessed, eventually on a daily basis. This structure was created by DaBen (with Duane) specifically to teach these light body skills on Earth in these dynamic times. It is integrated into the personality through Orin and Sanaya. There is no work like this. It brings truly astounding results. As you enter the Universal Mind, and Oneness consciousness, you learn to manifest with ease and bring these skills into your everyday challenges.

Margaret A. Harrell, who works with a level of realization called the “Essence of Consciousness,” with Eastern realized teachers such as Shri Dhyanyogi, as well her original teachers in the Christ Light and the Great Mother, is also a spiritual counselor for those working in any manifestation of the Self. Confrontation with the Self, which she studied and experienced at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, as well as Initiations (including in Kundalini) give her a very broad background. Ascension or descension. New courses will begin in June, but private work is available all year round. As the purpose is to reach those who are really ready for the work, the rates are very reasonable. All tapes (created by Duane and Sanaya, through DaBen and Orin) are offered at the teacher discount of 30% off the prices on the www.orindaben website. That is, I make no profit on the tapes but transfer the savings entirely to those taking the courses.


"Just wanted you to know I am so grateful for our time together. I feel
verrry clear and light! I do definitely feel a shift. You are a great inspiration and mentor-----
Thank you sooooo much.

- Rita Smallwood

Awakening Your Light Body” has been true to its name. I took the course based on the firm suggestion of a trusted individual. Even after attending a promotional session about the course, I did not comprehend its potential and how this knowledge would benefit my life. I took the first step and said yes. My commitment extended over 6 months and a 3-hour drive. Initially I felt totally out-classed by the enrollees, who collectively had as many years' experience in various meditative and healing arts that equaled my age. However, through perseverance I found that I had a “talent” for this and its positive influence on my life started emerging.

The best part of the course was the hourly conversations with the instructor, Margaret Harrell, whom I chauffeured to and from the course. I was able to ask her questions and gain tremendous insights into myself and how to apply DaBen’s instructions in a way that worked for me. She is a Renaissance woman with unique insights and talents. Guiding me through this course is just one of the tools she has available to help individuals develop and overcome issues in their lives.

Thank you Margaret

- Jeanne Moyer

Margaret's Harmonic Melody
in voice . . .
in presence . . . in word . . . takes you up an octave

- Teres Larocca

Witty, gentle and wise, Margaret Harrell guides us to greater awareness and self-knowledge. I recommend her to anyone who, like myself, wants to explore the frontiers of their own inner worlds. North Carolina is lucky to have her.

- Edward Lee Hester

Dear Margaret,

I am writing to try to articulate what the Light Body course has done for me. Mainly I am so peaceful inside and I can take the stress of life with much greater ease...Since starting the course I have also been able to take on the world without fear. In fact my income doubled because I took on managing a company that I had been working in for 6 years. You see, I had a very easy, low-paying position that I THOUGHT was the only thing I could handle since I had believed that I was incapable of more. This course has almost made me fearless! I have travels all over the country alone...again before this course I would NEVER fly alone...

On a moment to moment basis I just can let things go...I deal with the issue at hand and then ...bam...I loose the emotion and I am back to peace again. Yes, I still have the HABIT of reacting...but it is empty a shadow that fades. I feel wonderful...I am able to draw on the course all thru the day for peace. I really know that I have unlimited potential!!!

I have always been creative and easy to get along with but my work relationships are even better and I can solve problems...which now with this new job are many...with greater ease.

I work with the energies on the way to work and then at the end of the day I say..."Boy, that was an easy day" even after 12 hours of work!!!! I have had so many more synchronistic moments too!!! I think of something and bam I am connected in some way!!! I am now starting a diet and even that is easier than it has ever been! I have been into matters of spirit for over 40 years and this course has been the most helpful of all the modalities I have experimented with.

And there is YOU! My meetings with you are like a vacation! I look forward to them with such joy. It is like an inner spiritual massage. Your gentle, loving sharing of your wisdom is so uplifting and refreshing. Our sessions are transformational for me as well as "fun"...I only wish I could see you daily!!!

Briefly since I have taken the Light Body Course:

I have doubled my income
live with less fear
Am aware of things in the moment
Shed negative emotions almost in an instant
Connect with my future self so I know I have unlimited potential
Have more Synchronicity
Am dieting with ease
KNOW I WILL have all my dreams come true
Get things done with ease and joy
Live with less fear...I can feel the fear but I do it anyway and then look back and SEE hoe easy it was ...I do a DUH!!!!
Work with the masters thru the day for added inner power
Feel physically alive
Have a moment to moment awareness....this is the biggest benefit of all....I KNOW I CAN choose MY REACTION TO A SITUATION.
I love this all!!!

Yours in Light and Love,
Denise Carey

- Denise Carey


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