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Love in TransitionSM
oyage of Ulysses: Letters to Penelope

Literary and Revisionist Investigation of the
Unconscious History of the Earth

About the books

Taken from: Independent Web Review, Writers.Net
Published Book:
Margaret Harrell

Love in Transition: Voyage of Ulysses-Letters to Penelope (vols. I-IV)
Published by Hermann Press, Romania
May 1996
ISBN: 973-97285-3-7

There are to date 4 volumes of the Love in Transition series published in English, in Romania consisting of poetry, essays, even a thread of fiction with a literary story. This is a study in consciousness, which uses examples from history and the present, including the author's own extraordinary experiences. One reviewer (Rhea A. White, Director of the Exceptional Human Experience Network) says of Vol. IV: "This is a nonlinear work. The thread of autobiography dematerializes at points throughout only to rematerialize like roman candles that burst into a myriad of trajectories like stars falling to earth. . . . It also explodes with insights from science and her remarkable intuition." Vol. I centers on New York City—especially some high-profile real people and events there, from which this whole series "took off," in the 60s. The series has also been described, in Romania: "more than interesting not only because of its experimental aspects, but also for the vibrant and luminous openings that it offers in the psychology of creation and in the hopes—of all time—of poets to reach to an interhuman communication via and beyond words and images."

For more information, contact (formerly in Europe): For book orders, in the US: There is also a book of literary criticism, Marking Time with Faulkner, published in 1999. website: contains a Gallery of Photography that covers and illustrates the books.

Critical Reviews

• • •

Vol. I: Voyage of Ulysses: Letters to Penelope

"Her book does have the quality of 'logical, integrated thought'; it is always in control of its widely diverse factual and imaginative material. I enjoy reading it and look forward to Volumes 2 and 3. I only wish that I could read it with a small class as I repeatedly did with James Joyce's Ulysses. Her book deserves such close study."

 Dr. Harold Parker,
Professor Emeritus of History, Duke University

• • •

Vol. II: Voyage of Ulysses: Letters to Penelope

"This marvel of a post-modern novel breaks down the barriers between poetry and prose, among the natural, the human, and the supernatural, between fact and imagination, between writer and reader, and does it painlessly, pleasurably."

 Dr. George Stade
Professor of British and American literature, Columbia University (NYC)
Novelist: Confessions of a Lady-Killer

• • •

Vol. III: The Christ State

"This is a Book of Hope, of very bright and luminous hope about what can be expected—not only for a single human being in a special situation, but for a great many men and women, maybe for the whole humankind in future. This is a Book of Redemption—because its story is sad, and wistful and slow in getting its real tempo, its real meaning. And the message of this Redemption is that it could be possible (it is possible) for men—and women—to meet and to maintain their story, as it was created by their meeting, even if shadows—and lightnings—seem to sever such human relationships as are to be continued in life. This is a Book of Wisdom, because, I think, it teaches us, even if we (some of us) don't seem to believe it immediately, that there are miracles—such as those symbolized by minds as luminous and high as Mozart, or that of an American writer of the 20th Century, or the real Message. I should think this Book is really an exceptional effort in the development not only of poetry in our Century (and the next ones) but in human consciousness."

Mircea Ivanescu
Poet & Translator, Winner of the Omnia Opera (Life Achievement) Award in Romania

• • •

Vol. IV: The Bedtime Tales of Jesus

"Margaret just sent me a copy of her new book, The Bedtime Tales of Jesus, which is volume four of her Love in Transition series. She is a brilliant lady. Margaret beckons you into her books with a master's use of words and spaces. These works are an adventure; they are deliciously unique. Plus she has graced this book with some of her exquisite photographs, especially the one on the cover. Meditate on that picture and see what happens! She even took the book to Romania to be printed and bound, because they still do their work the old-fashioned way with loving care—which can be felt by just holding the book in your hands. Remarkable. You can reach her at: Margaret A. Harrell, 46 Lunevillelaan, 3300 Tienen, Belgium."

Al Miner
Renowned channel

• • •

Vols. I—VI:

"From when I first again saw her in 1983 until the present 1995, I have watched Margaret devote her life to her project, the first part of which is printed here. Poetry and metaphysical vision, Love in Transition is the cry through Margaret's soul to the 21st century. Highly recommended for its vision, fierce intelligence and great literary merit."

 Dr. Virginia Parrott Williams
Author: Surrealism, Quantum Philosophy, and World War I; Co-Author: Anger Kills & Life-Skills


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