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From Volume I, Chapter I, p. 14 (below)

Jerusalem Orthodox Icon

Orthodox Icon of Mary Magdelene

From Volume I, Chapter I, p. 14:

            So the Man Jesus wanted to write his own bedtime tales to help lead us into the next century. He had caves and parabolic thinking. Children could follow that plot. It would be an adventure tale, like of Tom Sawyer. He would tell experiences he had had personally. And if He said they were true, who were THE CHILDREN NOT TO BELIEVE HIM. He hoped the adults would believe Him too or at least not deny the children the right to read him. As they went to bed, all snuggled up with maybe a flashlight under the covers, why couldn't it be that they were reading His Stories?

            And if he said like a brother that they were capable of these things too, that life was the same kind of adventure as walking over tressels with a big space to the ground, SOMETIMES. If it was something like a rodeo, riding a bronco, even if you never had before. If he said there were mysterious presences sometimes and possibilities far beyond what their parents knew, but he knew and they could too . . .


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