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        The Christ State,

From Volume III of Love in Transition

Given in the form of an Initiation, that described its consciousness in Poetry

easily accessible, inevitable, prophetic (in 1985)

of the current times


            It’s a weighty and sometimes convincing argument, to say that nothing ever changes, basically. If we think of that side of humanity, the side that grows apace with the Whole, we can imagine that that pace—looked at through centuries—is a slow one. But that times do come when mass change occurs. Individual change occurs often, even dramatic quantum-leap change. But mass change comes only after long preparation and/or in times of emergency accompanied by its opposite: the birth of new ideas, which are often old ideas ready to be tried on a mass basis. At the same time, other old ideas are ready to be retired.

            In 1985, prematurely (so far as preparation) I had a massive Initiation. At that time, I was introduced to ideas which were unfamiliar to me. But the mere fact of the Initiation altered the course of my life. And from there on in, the point was to integrate and expand, based on this Introduction.

            Eventually the book written entirely in that period was published. In order to write it, I had to learn how to “channel.” The excerpts below have to be attributed to the conscious presence of a much higher “mind” or Spirit, or consciousness, than mine was evolved to (in my conscious knowledge at the time). It thought always in terms of the world, of the Earth (if not, the universe), and of avoiding world war, which might—it predicted (in 1985)—come about by the wildfire of some small country, whose actions led to inflammation on a global scale. OR that affected the globe. For these predictions, it had explanations, cause/effect that would make this come to pass, but that was avoidable.

            Here are the opening pages and a few excerpts, offered below (remembering that it was a consciousness crossing the line of death, to speak them. Or rather, being liberated to do so, directly):






Extra, extra, read all about it—

the end of the World

Everywhere, alarms were going off,

people waking up

waiting for this signal,

the end of the world

waiting to bring it about

the end of the world.



Robert died

It was the end of the world



People waking up

inner alarms going off

rung from the astral plane

a man on the astral plane clanging the dinner bell

saying there was food for the masses

that man was to come to the gathering

meet here to dine

that the food long in preparation was ready

that there was sole for breakfast

as in the Biblical days

make from one fish food for everyone

for the New Age breakfast was ready

and the breakfast of the New Age

was the sole of man.



The breakfast of the New Age

was being prepared

Now everything fell into place



Alarms sounding

people waking up

understanding the inner ringing

hearing it in their sleep

from a  clock

that was invisible

audible this sound

from high up in the astral plane

calling man to wake up

that a truck was driving up to his door this very minute

a delivery being made

a green truck

a spring truck

it was



622Xunder                                       way           [reference to a Bible concordance set of                                                                               passages from St. Paul and St. Peter]





the leap into the New Age



Cymbals clanging

and a happy dance

for it’s ready at last

slimmed down

completely prepared

The sole of mankind

is ready.



Excerpt p. 28:



For I was a New Man

the spirit of the New Man

the stopped-beating heart of the Old Man

released rejuvenated in the New Man

ready to give meaning to the New Man

to sing in the dawn of the New Man

and in painting the Old Man

draw the age

of the Old Man

to a close



Excerpt, p. 31:



There is a purpose to life

There is a purpose to those who waited all their lives

an inner timer going off

in them now

saying the Revolution is at hand

to join in the army

of which they are already a part

that they were holding certificates of deposit

to be used for saving the Earth

That a massive campaign to save the Earth

is being waged

That it will be successful



A Resistance Campaign

to the physical end of the Earth


the White House

the end of Casablanca



Now the cry is being given

the signal sounded

to rescue the Earth



But this would take a strong leader

this would take a sacrifice

this would take a death

this would take Christ


p. 36:



Dammed up, blocked,

in the collective unconscious

the love of man for the Earth

the love of life

the sense of life








For the Archetype is that Man’s love for the Earth

is unconscious

it takes a massive shock

to break through this unconsciousness



Life has no meaning according to

common sense

so we turn to this other sense

this undeveloped sense

we dig deep into our beings

we find it’s alive there

man in a primal nature

understanding in his/her painting

in the music

in the hunt

man as man really is

as man primally was

knowing the meaning of life

for feeling deep within

the origins in

the plot not chose

the Poet-




The real plot

man having chosen

this plot

is that the Earth is about to die

she’s on her deathbed

And man realizes

he loves her.

His love can save her

Otherwise she’s doomed

There’s no way she can survive

without his love.


This means he must truly discover her

truly get in touch with her spirit

for the spirit of the Earth is not material.



Realizing that he took her

at her lowest value

at her most superficial level

that we had no suspicion of what she might really contain

rising to a level equal to hers

build on her potential




p. 118:



To top our own freedom


the OM LET

of God’s






Look into the sky and see

Freed DOME



The missing event has to come in

through the hole in the ceiling

the unknown depth in the bottom

unknown thinness at the top of the Earth atmosphere

that the ceiling must come off



for a new means of vision

for a re-

vision possible

of Life on this Earth



free DOME

Lift the top


see there’s

Free DOME above us

that it’s not solid

not fixed

—open at the top



p. 42:



“You cure yourself

and I’ll CURE myself,”

his final words to me



“You fill in the blanks.”

I knew what was in the blanks

I knew instantly

in this bomb that went off, seemingly unfulfilled




The verb TO BE

ends right here

the end of I AM

this is it, THE END

for here was AM-O



For there is not life without it

no such thing as a definition

of being

in I Am

—too narrow

The Verb To Be has changed

extended into

I Am-Are






The story—using the framework of a live Initiation, also being an encounter with the possibility of life after death, and my first conscious privilege of “channeling” (or receiving information in interaction with a being not in physical form)—is narrated through both the information received and also the act of integrating it. Additionally, it is a story, involving interaction with the “guide,” a guide who (from the highest level of wisdom imaginable, as I evaluated it) is concerned with what is approaching for the planet; with—that is—introducing us to the basics of 21st-century consciousness. It is written specifically through the Christ Light, but that term is not to mean exclusion of any Light whatsoever, a concept also to be slowly introduced to me, stemming from the Initiation. That is, the cosmic Christ was part of the concepts later to be integrated. Not to mention the multidimensional radiation of that Christ Light down into its emanations in and expressions through ourselves as Humanity, and extending into the animals. But half of the issue at hand was, literally, saving the Earth. Saving it from manmade catastrophes on the way. Saving it through the tool of awakening it. That is, arming the inhabitants with their own waking state.


Below are two text passages setting up the context:



Written in 1985, Withheld


Written in 1985, withheld till 1995—until there was more of a context to fit it into. It came like a whirlwind. It intercepted and took over my life and there was no need to interrupt the Initiation with theological and world-religion references that would come and did come later. Rather, start with a blank page, which was myself, and put the simplest information on it which while being true was also insufficient to the total statement, according to which an enormous shift of level of frequency and electricity was going to take place, because what indeed was the Second Coming or the Christ energy if remaining on the same wave length as before? To spread the consciousness and the energy of the Christ in what has been called the Second Coming over the Earth, there would have to be pioneer dimension-linking liaison formations and likewise patterns—patterns that went derriere to the archetypes, to find the misshapen patterns, the vulnerabilities, the blunders, miscommunications, faulty connections themselves, between the Source and what it would look like, put into a completely transformed location and form; that is, the Earth on a higher frequency. How would the people welcome that energy, and would they even know it was living energy, and if they did, what would they do? Could they reestablish a picture of Divinity that spoke to them in language that they were glad to hear? In fellowship that turned outward to other human beings? Could the smashing of the old bring about the smashing likewise of the mind that held onto that, to allow the handwriting of unsuspected new laws and relationships-behind-relationships, of the conscious and unconscious in a deeper and more significant interaction on Earth. Could all this take place?




            The Zurich initiations produced (with a spirit guide whose consciousness I had entered, as described above) a book called The Christ State, written under marvelous circumstances.

            . . . he taught me configurative knowledge about energy. He told me a lot of what was to come. Yet it was fabulous. It did not belong in real life. But then, I wasn’t in it, was I? I was on some parallel track to this life, some vista overview intertwining into it, some giant encounter. There was no spaceship. Yet there was science fiction. I though nothing could be so unusual in my life, and yet it was pointing to and leading to this computer PK. Yet much would have happened, even to him, before that. He told me things I could tell no one. I had been shaky in the earliest experiences, until I let go and believed. Now the experiences were more incredible but my hold on reality was firm. I knew what was real. This was.


CODA. From 2002


            Life is for everyone. Experiences are permissible to everyone. The trick is to select (for life is always about choice: often the focus of “this in place of that,” or “if this, then no space, time, energy, for that,” because integration has to take “time”). This is not, however, a limitation. In Oneness, there is no limitation. Energy “transfers” and absorption take time. Responsibility for what one knows—therefore brings to the masses (to everyone else)—takes space. So it is not necessarily so much right/wrong and good/bad that is the first question. THOSE TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. They become instincts. Anyway, we know deep down. We also know that we do not have “all the answers.” But realizing that each choice may show us part of the picture, we rely on others, who took the other road, to show us more of the same picture. So no one has “all the answers.” No one has infinity-vision. That is, unless operating in God-vision. But that vision, remember, left spacetime for FREE WILL. So no one is the dictator of humanity’s future, and no group can suffice without opening its doors to what it doesn’t know. Operating in secrecy as if all the cards are already known will not do. The mind is free, unless we close it. The heart energizes, unless we refuse to hear it. We are souls living in matter, and we are here to liberate that situation.

            From understanding this, I began to understand (first in another defining Initiation, very recently, in March 2001, preceding 9/11 by six months significantly) the concept of human beings as the Earth’s “resources” in an energetic way. You can read how this develops, in the new series, Space Encounters. Discovering ever more deeply my own unconscious, in these initiations—what it had concealed and how much it knew—I had moved in subject matter, on a parallel plane, into the Unconscious of the Earth. And energetic guidance of all sorts, even in groups, came to assist. A Gallery of Computer PK demonstrates this.  It goes without saying that when one attempts to bring in collective messages, which are so needed in this particular 21st-century Opening Page, one is in tandem (in partnership, as a pair) with one’s higher self, who is grateful for having expression on this beautiful Earth. If one senses this type of pride, it is healthy, far different from personal pride, for it is the pride of the Light, in having part of itself sending rays of luminosity and clarity, insofar as perception permits it. This, WE ARE, when we develop for the Earth our energy. Besides being chronicled in Space Encounters, from Love in Transition volume VIII onward, this idea of being Earth resources is presented inside the farewell Exceptional Human Experience Journal of Rhea A. White, Director, in an essay by Margaret A. Harrell, under the title “The Gift of the Natural Mind.”


[1] amare (Lat) = to love

December 31, 2002
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