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"High Mass Gardening",
From the Opening of Volume IV

             This is the autobiography of a universal consciousness, defining itself in terms of a human point.  That human perspective is the point where the universal defines itself in terms of the single instant,  the moment, the enduring in memory. That this instant stretches itself into manifestation is the normal "run" of things, in this kind of theater. If the universal consciousness establishes its ability to be looked into from the human point, the human mind, then the human consciousness acquires this aspect and therefore definition of itself and its boundaries.

            It should be completely apparent that once the individual atom was broken down, beneath the impression of physical solidity of things, the individual was next. Equally, once planets could be photographed from spaceships, the individual Earth human as the center of the universe would be next to be toppled on the ideology plane. If there were not huge "defense systems," just as if against atomic attack, this boundary of human being, established behind physical walls, would not have lasted so long this century. All of this came to my attention when I discovered I was on a reconnaissance mission, a reporting mission; that I was to tell my story as a representative story, of the human of the next centuries, who had long lost contact with the deeply embedded idea today, that of materialism as the definition of reality and materialistic man as the ruling human in a universe that would allow such dominance more than passing time span in the long-range eons of things. From the stars down to the animals, there was something wrong with the idea that man alone, defined inside the boundaries of length, depth, height, inside elements that were of physical content only—that this man would long walk the soil of the Earth, with its secrets still locked in energies as then unknown; that this man/woman would succeed in convincing him[and finally her]self that this rulership had lasting sense to sustain it and uphold it, beneath the mental apparati that knew how to change the shape of the Earth into a technological one. And what man/woman would that produce, if technological Earth and materialistic human put their rulerships together and set the future in that direction? Thus, it was urgent for universal consciousness to plant a few new ideas, begin to seed the seedbeds of the Earth with some new points of view.

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