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Light Body courses, of various types, are offered in the Raleigh, NC area.
Contact Margaret Harrell at tel. 919-782-9257.


Margaret A. Harrell is a teacher registered with the official headquarters of the founders, at the LuminEssence School of Light, Medford, Oregon.

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Includes not only "Awakening Your Light Body," and "Millennium," but—especially shaped for the contemporary USA—a modern introduction to "channeling" information from the higher mind and wisdoms of the universe. Light itself is currently being studied as an energy in the most advanced fields of science and technology. But it is the human being who is also surrounded by subtle access to light and other energy.

Telephone 919 782-9257.

The photos above were taken in Ashland, Oregon, in 1997, during a Light Body conference on "Higher Will: Manifesting with Ease"

From the moment I realized that we have an energy field—including cellular surroundings inside ourselves, which we are unconscious of, for the most part—I was urgently intent on understanding how it worked. Everyone can feel more balanced and secure in the 21st-century world by knowing how to:



Filter and sift through the level of sensory input that he/she is exposed to. And respond in a more conscious manner.


Detect what levels of information will be useful to use, and what merely redundant, filling up space.


Set out in the directions of the flow of universal energy where FOR YOU PERSONALLY there is joy and the possibility of successful outcome. Even, with shortcuts.

Follow your own interests, WITHOUT BEING SELFISH. Learn how to manifest YOU, not someone else.


The current channeling course guides the participants to explore their gifts in energy-sensing, the sensing of life force, and the abilities to gain credible, testable information and guidance from all brands of sources.


We have such a lesson to learn, here on the Earth now. And one way to do that is by insisting on bringing in wider, more informed participation in the decisions. But participation by accessing, sharing and manifesting what each person is and knows, spiritually. Let not the direction of the world be overpowered by solutions that draw only on past perspectives. Let us all understand what our options are BY MAKING MORE OF THEM. Wouldn't it be wonderful to watch each person grow into a real 21st-century-relevant participator on the planet. Seeing ourselves as energy beings, and therefore information-containers, is part of this. And it is within our potential. That is, in the line of matching our potential to real contributions, and so diluting the impulse to

 sensationalism or action without understanding the consequences, but filling the need to do something. The question of WHAT? will be more natural to us, if we know ourselves as the "channelers," the contributers, we all are. If we love and value ourselves more, because we see ourselves in greater light. Someone has to lead us in lifting the dimension we find solutions in. We can, all together, be THAT PERSON, manifesting our part of that direction. Each person has a truly unique perspective. Channeling facilitates communication, because it becomes more assured and conscious—drawing on much greater breadth of information, because going to the energy levels of it. As a channeler, one knows that one is accessing from all possible sources, directions, and dimensions what we need to know. Breadth of information and perspective has NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT. Yet within, we each have tools, to draw more personally—and collectively—important information to us! And then check it to see: Is it true??? Will it work??? Is it likely to bring positive results???? Is it a process I want to go forward in???
For more information, call 919-782-9257.

Other courses Available:

1. Warm-up Exercises for Physical Balance, taken from major teachers in New York City contemporary dance; from Belgium in T'ai Chi; and from Ibiza in yoga. Creates techniques that can be used in all areas of physical work, using the secret of always moving from the center, in every dimension. A treasure of techniques, focused on the movement of warm-ups, that are part of the heritage of movement here and abroad.


2. Inner Harmony and Information-Gathering (partly based on a course called Inner Landscaping, from Belgium). Guides the participants to explore their gifts in energy-sensing, the sensing of life force, and the abilities to gain credible, testable information and guidance from their higher wisdom and receptiveness to the world all around.

3. Creating Money: an Abundance Consciousness (taught from a “light body” perspective, partly based on the “Creating Money: Keys to Abundance” Orin meditations). Includes magnetizing and manifesting, aura clearing, clearing old cassette tapes in the mind, finding out what you really want, allowing yourself not to stop yourself from getting and having it; includes also issues of self-worth, relationships to money as energy. Other focus: assertion—when to use it, when not. And seeing things from a perspective where you don’t “buy in” to the lower-level rat race. Abundance runs through all levels of life, including—not excluding—material abundance. Abundance consciousness trickles down into those around you, so that what is abundance for one, synergetically spilling over, increases the wealth of others rather than taking from it. Practically speaking, it aims at bringing together your true desires, as seen from a high energy (paring them down to your REAL ONES) and the manifestation of them concretely. Money is energy stewardship, in a sense. Money is a gift which allows more service. But abundance is this and more! In fact, one of the primary traits of the universe itself, and its cosmic flow, is ABUNDANCE. There is no reason not to tap into it. If you believe this, there are ways to. Come, join us and let’s see it happen NOW.


Courses include high-frequency meditation, skills in following high frequencies, and skills in stress-replacement by balance and harmony. We all need to know how to be "on the best side" of events, on the best side of ourselves, and receiving positive "vibes," because we align with what is "good" or positive in this complex world—with practicalness and ability to manifest and discern. There is also a great risk of picking up negative energies that are loose in the world, if we do not learn how to recognize the thoughts from our own minds, and not those floating around, looking for someone to pick them up. We can all rise to our higher potentials. These courses help us work together in realizing and raising human potential, and in that way, assisting in the planetary health and dreams.


Knowing yourself in your own energy field gives enormous benefits, natural self-assurance, freedom from much unnecessary pain (of all types) and the possibility of experiencing riding the waves in the flow of divine will and cosmic energy, which is endless.

Call or email to sign up or ask questions. Prices are reasonable.

Private sessions also available.

I would love to hear from you!!

For more information on the Light Body main headquarters, as founded by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman (created by and with their guides, DaBen and Orin), please go to

Putting on a totally different "hat," Margaret A. Harrell is also a long-time editor and free-lances editing projects, with this same organic, practical, high-precision approach to content, intent, audience-identification and personal style.



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