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Marking Time with Faulkner

A Study of the Symbolic Importance of the Mark and of Related Actions

ISBN: 9739821677
Saeculum University Press, 1999


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Love in Transition Series, books I-IV

Literary and Revisionist Investigation of the Unconscious History of the Earth

Volume II available also at Amazon.com

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Set of Four: $40
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Space Encounters: Chunking Down the 21st Century

Her EHE autobiography in minuscule and with lots of openness... I was enchanted with the little insert re: palimpsest... Margaret Harrell has the most open-ended and far-reaching mind of anyone I know.

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Space Encounters II: Chunking Down the 21st Century

In Volume Seven of the Love in Transition series, Harrell travels beyond her previous odysseys. Perspective keeps ever shifting in juxtaposition from the scientific to the intuitive and back again. Highly recommended to those interested in glimpsing at a fascinating tomorrow, when boundaries between the conscious and unconscious have dissolved into multidimensional perceptions coming out of the whole.

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ISBN: 9739949983
Publisher: Saeculum University Press, Aug 2002

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Space Encounters III: Inserting Consciousness into Collisions

Third book in the Space Encounters sub-series. Love in Transition Volume VIII.

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Toward a Philosophy of Perception- The Magnitude of Human Potential: Cloud Optics

By: Margaret A. Harrell

A Guidebook

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